C&G NVQ 2346

Electrotechnical Experienced Worker

City & Guilds NVQ 2346-03 Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification

The NVQ 2346-03 Experienced Worker Assessment was introduced in 2020 as a successor to the hugely popular NVQ 2356-99 ‘Mature Candidate Assessment’.

Just like its predecessor this qualification is suitable for both self-employed and employed electricians who have worked in the electrotechnical industry for a minimum of 5 years (not including time spent in full or part-time training) but have not formally completed an industry apprenticeship or equivalent Level 3 NVQ qualification.

A prospective candidate will need to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and competence to the standard of the Level 3 electrotechnical apprenticeship.

There is a Skills Scan at the start of the process to assess this, followed by Candidate Background Form to be completed before commencement.

Your previous technical qualifications may also meet some of the Experienced Worker Assessment requirements, which means you only need to provide any outstanding items of evidence.

The qualification is not suitable for new entrants to the electrotechnical industry, apprentices, or those who have completed an electrotechnical technical qualification with less than five years relevant experience as an electrician. In this case, either the Level 3 NVQ Diplomas in Electrotechnical Technology  (NVQ 2357) or the Level 3 Electrotechnical Apprenticeship Qualification (Installation or Maintenance) (NVQ 5357) should hopefully provide the right path for you.

Candidates with experience and qualifications from overseas may well be eligible, but must first apply for and acquire a UK NARIC Statement of Comparability.

Eligibility For ECS Card Application

The Experienced Worker Qualification is built up of the following;

  • Candidates must have 5 years + site experience
  • Level 3 Performance Units (The 2346-03 NVQ)
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Initial Verification Qualification (2391-50 or 2394 or 2391-52)
  • AM2-E

NVQ 2346-03 Performance Units

There are 5 or 6 Level 3 Performance Units to be assessed before you can gain the Experienced Worker qualification, depending upon which pathway you are taking:

  • Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment
  • Apply Design and Installation Practices and Procedures
  • Terminate and Connect Conductors (E.I. Only)
  • Apply Practices and Procedures for Maintenance (E.M. Only)
  • Inspect, Test and Commission Electrical Systems (E.I. Only)
  • Apply Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

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